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Your plan options include coverage of prescription drugs. Learn more about how your pharmacy benefits work using the resources below.

Once you’re a member, log in to mymedica.com and you’ll be able to see pharmacy information specific to your benefits, including pricing and ways to save on your prescriptions. 

What Drugs are Covered?

Covered drugs are shown on the Medica drug list. The list includes both brand-name and generic drugs, and is reviewed and updated regularly by a group of independent physicians and pharmacists. Your doctor can use this list to choose medications that are right for you.

» View the drug list.

How Much Will My Prescriptions Cost?

The drug list is divided into three groups, which determine your share of the costs (generic, preferred brand and non-preferred brand). Generic drugs have the lowest copayment or coinsurance.

Choose your type of plan to estimate your drug costs:

I have a Copay Plan – With this type of plan, you typically pay a copay (a set amount) for your prescription drugs.

» View estimated drug costs for Copay Plans.

I have a Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan – With this type of plan, you typically have a high-deductible plan paired with an HSA. With an HSA, you usually pay the full cost of your prescriptions until you meet your deductible.

» View estimated drug costs for HSA Plans.

How Do I Fill My Prescriptions?

You have access to more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide - including chain pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, etc.) and neighborhood pharmacies.

» Find a pharmacy.

Many plans offer mail order for filling ongoing prescriptions. With this option, you receive a 90-day supply of your medication through the mail, with no shipping or handling fees.

» Learn more about mail order.

How Do I Get a Specialty Drug?

Some medications are considered specialty drugs. These drugs are used to treat certain complex health problems. Specialty drugs tend to be very expensive and may need special handling. In 2018, you'll fill most specialty prescriptions through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, Medica’s new preferred specialty drug provider.

If you have questions about specialty drugs, please contact Medica Customer Service at 952-945-8000 or 800-952-3455.

» View the 2017 Specialty Drug List.
» View the 2018 Specialty Drug List.

Where Can I Find More Pharmacy Resources?

Learn more about your pharmacy benefits including:
• What’s the difference between brand-name drugs and generic drugs?
• Does the drug list ever change?
• What are drug quantity limits?
• What is a specialty drug?
• What is Step Therapy?
• What is Prior Authorization?
• What if I need a drug that’s not on the drug list?
• Can I appeal if an exception request is denied?  

» View the Frequently Asked Questions.


Once your plan starts, register on mymedica.com to manage your health plan. Order ID cards, find out what's covered, track your claims and more!

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